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SKYY Group dealing in real estate
strives hard to provide all of the information that people look for on the website when it comes to things related to real estate. But, this page has specifically been developed to give updated info about the properties/houses/homes/duplexes available for rent specifically in New York and New Jersey. Along with the pictures of the properties, brief but complete info about the listed properties has also
been provided. The details include but are not limited to:

  • price of the property
  • single-family home or Others
  • no. of beds
  • no. of baths
  • the total area of the property
  • complete address of the property

A dedicated team of professionally
sound and experienced teams continues working tirelessly to help their clients
hit their real estate targets. It doesn’t matter if you are a seller or a
buyer, you receive the same respectful treatment from the real estate team working
there. The team at
SKYY Group tries its best to get you a house at its best
price or sell out your home/apartment for the best price.


The team makes sure to keep you
posted about the latest postings via regular communication and availability.  At SKYY you can avail a hassle-free and
highly personalized real estate service. Also, you can fully benefit from the
knowledge they have about the local properties, and their potential.
SKYY has tried to address all of the issues related to properties
listings on their page, their prices, locations, etc.


Also, an effort has been made to
answer the following possible questions arising in the minds of the aspiring
clients who might have certain reservations about the group’s service-related
to the real estate. Following are some of the possible apprehensions that have
been addressed very professionally on SKYY.


Property services:

SKYY Group enjoys a good reputation in
the real estate sector when it comes to offering the following services:

  • Marketing
  • Mega open house
  • Staging
  • Cleaning
  • Property management
  • Eviction
  • Tenant screening
  • Collect payments
  • Property reservation
  • Relocation


An Efficient Communication System:

For a great business deal, the key
component is effective communication which ensures that services will be
delivered successfully to the next level. At
SKYY Group, you receive the wholehearted attention that you deserve in the capacity of a client. You can reach
the focal point at 
SKYY Group via text, phone, or email. At SKYY Group you are not
treated just as a client but rather as a business partner.


A Diehard Support to Hit Your Targets:

At SKYY Group, people are not doing
their jobs only, it’s like their life. The driving spirit in this regard is
helping the clients actualize their goals. The technically experienced team is
always there to assist you to prioritize the objectives you are aspiring to
achieve. The team is always there to help you hunt for the best deal in the market.


A Genuine Sense of Relationship:

At SKYY Group, you will find a
dedicated team committed to your success and the team will not stop until the
clients have hit their property targets reaping the greatest deals available in
the market. The first deal at 
SKYY Group doesn’t close deal. It rather opens
a new door for a long-term business relationship.